"Liveflow" and about You "2005-2013 "

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"Life-flow" 2005-2013

The whole story started in 2005. We were expecting a litter from our Psyche and Stanley. 3 puppies were born: Conan - Future father of our several litters Cindyrella, which went to great people to Piaseczno near Warsow and Chillipepper who went to Asia. At the moment, stay in the pictures below.

Who is below? We met after 8 years so surely have passed 8 years. This aged redhead female she is our little Chillipepper with Asia her owner. The guy in the "green" shirt, which is supposedly very good fit "for the redhead" there is me of course.
Chillipepper has a wonderful life, comfort, dog entertainment, wonderful caregivers who are for her better then her own mother and they are the best as they can. Such people, we wish for our puppies today and in future. Hard to find this nation or kindly and honestly people but we have to belive that we can do it. As ou see . After 8 years passed we found few hours for talking , meeting. In the moments like that the "time" passes quickly but our faces and hearts rising.
Asia, owner of Chilli invited us several times. Somehow we could not to come. It happened, however, so that our steps and life itself organized and created the need to appear in Kalisz. Change the form of article writing, endangering your alertness and focus. Again, changing the subject.
A small flashback anyone else any harm. Below photo of 15 January of the year of the Lord 2006. Asia receives a small Chilli. As for the name of a small ... It has also been invented by Asia. By the way, really original name for the dog.

Chilli had no resistance, and without shedding a single "dog's" tears left our thresholds.
Mijały chwile, mijały miesiące , mijał sobie czas. Asia oddzywała się co jakąś chwilę, czego dowodem są min. poniższe fotki.
Moments passed, months passed, passed the time. Asia was in not quite too close in contact but we know why. Live in Poland is complicated sometimes and we have to do what we have to but not what we want or should to. Few pictures below sent by Asia.
Joy and fullness of life is what gives meaning to all this. And the people? People like these positively crazy, and often follow the lead of these "passion". In a world we have too much of "cretinism" and specially in the internet. In a world where it seems that everyone is right, normality, honesty and passion are priceless. Such people we surround ourselves and the rest of screened just the same ...
These are above the first birthday of our Chillipepper. Belove the home of when lives our Chilli with her friend.
Below it is probably more than the annual or maybe not yet, Chillipepper and Władysławowo (small turistic town located near us). Then met with Agnieszka and Marcelina (owner Elmo). Coffee, donuts, perhaps a trip to the beach with our dogs and it's probably enough. Quick summer meeting it was.
It took another seven years. The contact was broke, basically both sides ... June 31, 2013 year had established for us to Reda Mrs.Aneta W. with her husband and their Nela. Was planned marriage of their girls and our Aron.
Above Aneta and our Aron and below their female Nela (Lion's Valley). Great beautiful, strong, proportional bitch with atypical ointment.
Aron as it later turned out, in principle, after 65 days, was the father first time. It was first litter in Anetas kennel  called "Kalisz Molossians".
The first litter and immediately hit the jackpot. Puppies reared on the bottle though, proved to be more than handsome. One puppy according to the agreement we had for priority selection. Long wondered whose toddler "kidnap" Aneta. At 9 weeks after our first visit in Kalisz, we have no choice. Ares was ours.
Above the pictures is the brother of Ares , Apollo. Apollo when I watched him for 11 weeks old, was heavier than Ares, had stronger bones. Ares had more ruffles and was most similar to our Aron or his father. Due to the great affection and utter "falling in love" in our Arona this little Ares was ours. We wanted to choose the best option for the dog but also for us. The best future owners of puppies, the dog should guarantee good conditions, a normal house, our financial gratification and if the dog will be predisposed for exhibitions and breeding career - to give him a future in that industry and good publicity ourselves. We hope that such find. Small Aron went to St. Petersburg for breeding Ms. Irina and Alexander G. Lot, lasted several hours (more than 2000km). Alexander came after Ares personally and hosted in Kalisz three days.
The first time I drove to Kalisz and the Radek was with me . Who Radek holds on hands? On hands at Radek "hanging" small Apollo. From the right, of course, Ares. I think Radek due to the fact that the first object of fascination Aron, should be the godfather, if not the entire litter at least Apollo. Apollo went to Mr. Lukasz J. and small Aphrodite stay with Aneta She call her "Nela" - the mom was a great representative of the culture "Kalisz Molossian".
Aneta, puppies grew like a true thoroughbred breeder. Supervision 24 hours a day, a great social conditions and feelings which every breeder has for their children. That was there in abundance. Puppies were confident and happy. As you can see life, no matter how you try lay our fate, if he so wishes, it would put together their "blocks" in the only known pattern or figure. If not litter in Kalisz in Aneta, probably would not be "cheesecake" with Asia ... Sure Chilli once watched a few views, and maybe not. The real "Live-Flow" ... the English neologism that I came up, but if there is something like "cash flow" is a "Live-flow" the more ...
Below it is 10 weeks old Ares of course.
And here above than we have Ares in place with Irina in Russia. Ares has got in that place a number of adults have aunts and uncles. And we? And we use, family last moments of the Septembers weather. Łupawsko (small village), lakes sometimes like the grill.
So far greetings, and those who slowly ripen to buy Mastiff please go to our adverts. However, you remember. Each dog - mastiff inherits its characteristics from their parents - the psyche/pschics as well. Mastiff is definitely not equal as other mastiff ... Do not buy substitutes and do not let make fun in a bottle low price. As my grandmother used to say ... What's cheap is "expensive" ... Greetings and welcome to us.
Lets come to MastineuM . We think ,today it is the best choice in our country and maybe not only. Lets come and judge personally.

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